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wayne humphries jr

Welcome to my website;
My name is Wayne Humphries Jr. author of the book entitled 

" A Holy War Within The Seven Day Protocol;" I'm a Entrepreneur, a person who organizes and operate a business or businesses, taking on the greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. I was born in Detroit Michigan graduating from a public high school then participating in a post-secondary study to get too this point in life itself, graduating is just a process to being in a everyday position it wasn't simple; there were rules to follow. What I bring to you is an opportunity to become financial secure, satisfied, and entertained by the moments you may encounter by reading just a little bit or when you have some time to get paid; every lesson in life itself has a meaning for all of us to experience.

Here at the recording group I put together a soundtrack for the novel; to make my book more appealing for your attention, it's a new form of music, I created it myself thinking a rhyme to it. Yes; I'm an independent recording artist as well, music production is one of my favorite hobbies developing bits of sound into a orchestra of soothing musical notes creating an atmosphere for your pleasure. I attended the Rec Workshop in Chillicothe Ohio graduating in 2004 for recording engineer & music production, after learning something I always had a curiosity for it lead up to this mass production of entertainment keeping me focused on what if's and only could's. I then developed High-Minded Records because in todays industry a lot has change from buying and selling items.    

If you're interested in creating your own version of a novel visit this link:       and you can get started immediately.

I think reading is fundamental exploring the brain seeing the imagination it takes to be time consuming for a heart of curiosity; it's like asking a question that you don't have a clue about, I have more answer's though. What is your current life situation are you doing well where you can enjoy the reality of choice or are you troubled somehow hoping for a savior to come down and cure your needs for living ?

I understand because I've been thru the good and the bad; the only answer is yourself as a person making the right decisions to make things better you'll find rejoicing, and the last chaotic moments being moved over to the next; there has to be a reason, have faith dear reader my bio has just begun. I have some products I would like you to explore, but of course, you probably already know that by seeing the home page.        (TO BE CONTINUED)